Charged With DUI in Vancouver?

It is illegal to operate a vehicle when you are under the influence of any substance. While the law applied only to alcohol at one time, it now has broadened to include both illegal and legal drugs and prescription medications. If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and believed to be driving under the influence, you will be arrested and sent to county jail.

Get Out of Jail

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The judge will set a bond amount that you can pay to get out of jail. The amount is based on your criminal history, prior DUI convictions, and other factors. Many people use bondsmen to make their bond because the amount is considerably less money. If you do not make bond, you’ll be forced to sit in jail until your court appearance. This can be weeks or months and matters are not always resolved during first appearances.

Speak to an Attorney

Once you’ve made bond and are at home out of jail, find an experienced dui accident attorney vancouver wa to handle the matter when it’s your day in court. When an attorney represents you in court, there is less risk of being convicted and less harsh penalties in the event you are convicted of the change. Lawyers offer free consultations to discuss the specific details of the case. There is no obligation to hire them after the consultation so be sure to take advantage of this free offer.

How a DUI Affects Your Life

A DUI conviction changes your life in so many ways, all of which are negative and undesirable. Firstly, you’ll be subject to fines, time behind bars, and points added to your driving record and that’s for first-times. Secondly, your name is tarnished forever because no one likes a person who drives drunk and endangers other people lives.